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Army captain Jair Bolsonaro is a political adversary, but he is much more (or less) than that. If elected, he has already promised to machine-gun the Rocinha favela and the PTs (whom he calls “petralhas”). Bolsonaro has treated women as result of “weaknesses.” And referred to black people as “reproducers”, to be weighted in arrobas (like animals).

Bolsonaro honours torturers, such as Brilliante Ustra. He has already said that he would have killed 30,000 opponents of the 1964 dictatorship regime, including Fernando Henrique Cardoso (former Brazil’s president).

Bolsonaro is fascism. He is Nazism itself, taking advantage of an abyssal economic and political crisis to gain power through the vote.

Let us never forget that Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor by the democratic vote of the German people. His first act – and of his gang of thugs – was to set fire to the Germanic Parliament, the Reichstag. He blamed the communists for this, triggering furious repression against all those he despised: Jews, blacks, gypsies, gays, physically and mentally handicapped, feminists, and, of course, the left-wing parties.

The democratic forces cannot afford to play tug of war at this very moment. The enemy is too much threatening for that.

Right now, it is important to remember the phenomenon observed today in Brazilian Northeast region, where more than half of voters vote for Lula and now for his candidate. Fernando Haddad intends to keep the social programs that guarantee the worker’s child at the University, the chance for the poor to visit their hometown and relatives on a plane trip, to have refrigerator and TV indoors, after the “Light for All” program.

In addition to being the first in the fight against fascism in electoral polls, Haddad is now representing the spectacular legacy of inclusion begun by Lula, and the PT, which resists as a popular and electoral force.

Bolsonaro binds both summits of the Brazilian Army and the Armed Forces together, including the Military Police. He gathers together economic power, the coup’s judiciary, the oligopolistic media. All against PT. Just like before, at the time of Hitler, when all forces were against communism.

It’s no longer about Lula against Bolsonaro. Enough of this stupid polarization, so tasteful to the mainstream media, that predicted days of glory for the post-impeachment of Dilma Rousseff!

The result is clear – Brazil is back to the maps of misery, with record numbers of unemployment and despair.

Enough of playing “paneleiros” against petistas. What is at stake now is the life or death of millions of people economically disadvantaged, humiliated by the coup, who have returned to cooking with wood stoves or alcohol.

Now it is a question of defending the idea of a plural society against the united orders of military barracks.

We know that Brazil accumulates centuries of murderous oppression over black and indigenous people. We know the burden that machismo placed on the shoulders of women, treated as mere sexual objects for all sadisms and twisted fetiches, or as mere reproducers. We know of the loads of pain that gays, lesbians and transvestites bear, when expelled from home and from their families, thrown into abject marginality simply because of proclaiming their right to that love that dares to say its name.

We cannot risk seeing a moral monster like Bolsonaro, who proclaims murder, persecution and torture as methods of improving Brazil, rule the country.

It scares us to see Christians longing for Bolsonaro victory. When did Jesus Christ ever stand for torture, persecution, and murder?

Please answer, bishop Edir Macedo!

No! Christ never preached torture. On the contrary, he was tortured and murdered for the crime of defending the poor against the Imperial Rome system.

Today, whoever is silent consents! That is why Free Journalists feel themselves compelled to say and declare very loudly that a serious risk is placed upon the future of Brazil. And that risk is Bolsonaro. The meaning of choosing him would be that we, as people, would turn ourselves into partners to the worst crimes.

The German people are penitent until today due to the concentration camps and crematory ovens in which millions of human beings have been sent to die. It is not possible that the Brazilian people, marked by suffering, mean to agree with such a hideous vote decision.

Bolsonaro does not hide who he is; never did. And all the powerful in Brazil already nest under the shady wings of this bird of prey. It is astonishing that the Democrats do not realize the immense historical responsibility that is placed upon each of them.

We are four days away from the presidential elections. A gesture by Guilherme Boulos, Ciro Gomes, Marina Silva, and other competitors, stating support for what could stop the victory of fascism, the death of the poorest and the presidency of a man that a country like Brazil does not deserve, a gesture to support Fernando Haddad, would have enormous psychological effect at this moment in which Bolsonaro surfs the waves of a possible victory in the first round.

Marina, as a black woman, would automatically be defending her own people, a sentence so often repeated by her. Ciro, a very clever man, would have the opportunity to fight alongside what seems to have marked his political history: the protection of the North-eastern people. Boulos then would have the chance to bring up, once and for all, his spirit of compassion for the poorest, and the daily struggles of the most suffering workers.

Bolsonaro did not face debates, he is not in the streets to debate with the contradictory. So far, he has been hiding inside hospitals, by means of a life-threatening attack for all effects very badly explained. And it did a disservice to people who did not have the chance to hear him directly, declaring his animosity towards the suffering of the poorest.

The (in) justice of Judge Sérgio Moro released to the buzzards of the corporate press the “rewarded accusation” of Antonio Palocci, a former PT who has been jailed for a year and has since offered to help destroy PT and Lula.


Not even the Federal Public Ministry embarked on Palocci’s infamous accusations. Because they lack a single element of proof! So, it is clear the release of Palocci’s delation by Sérgio Moro obeyed only the purpose of “smashing” the PT, to pave the way for any anti-PT candidate.

Fernando Haddad has been campaigning for 15 days. Well less than Ciro Gomes, Guilherme Boulos and Marina Silva, who have already been able to show their gifts and proposals. If instead of Haddad it had been Ciro Gomes the anti-Bolsonaro leader, we would be calling vote for him. If it would have been Boulos, ditto. For Marina, the same. We would make the defense of any democratic candidate who would have the chance to fight and win the elections against Bolsonaro.

But it is Fernando Haddad that emerges as the first of the opponents of Jair Bolsonaro. We, Free Journalists, won’t let go of our historical responsibility.

It is necessary to defeat the “coiso” (“the thing”). We must shout out loud “#EleNão” (“NotHim”).

It is necessary to halt the aggravation of the genocide of the blacks, the poor and the favelas’ people … The worsening rates of feminicide and rape.

It is necessary to talk to those who are on our side, to those who want to turn Sunday, October 7, a day for useful vote and say that we need to be alive for the next round. We need to be together and strong against everything Bolsonaro represents.

Because of all this, it is Fernando Haddad for now. The rest is division between us, that the right-wing political parties love so much!

After defeating the torturer, the Nazi, the Brilhante Ustra, the anti-woman, anti-gay Bolsonaro, we will be together again to charge for anti-racist and inclusive guideline policies, from a winning Fernando Haddad!

Fernando Haddad and Manuela! Gorgeous and awesome! So, Brasil can Be Happy Again!

And Free Lula!



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