Temer declares war on Brazilian people

Temer’s administration showed his true colors. With a recent decree, signed yesterday, the Brazilian President summoned the military to repress protests. Beyond being the head of a corruption machine, the usurper from the palaces of Brasilia demonstrated also to manage a war machine against his own people.

Yesterday, more than one hundred thousand people met peacefully together in the capital, Brasilia, asking for the resignation of the puppet president, direct elections and giving a loud No to the law reforms that destroy retirement and workers’ rights. What did they find? Soldiers, armed to the teeth and willing to attack a democratic manifestation.

There are dozens of injured. One of them, at least, was shot and is in the hospital. Tear gas and sound bombs were dropped constantly against worker men and women and unarmed youngsters. A typical scene from the times of the Military Dictatorship.

Temer and his gang do not have any condition to continue in power. His offensive against the yesterday protests leaves no doubts. More and more, the coup’s government can only resort to repression. There is no way to continue defending, in a democracy, a representative soiled in dirt from head to toe by explicit corruption and dyed in blood from protesters.

To keep in presidency this puppet of reactionary interests is a true provocation to the Brazilian people. The numbers don’t lie: 14 millions of unemployed, millions of families in despair, thousands of closing business, defaults rising… and now, coward repression in large scale. Everything is the work of an illegitimate administration, rejected even among the many that supported the coup’s adventure.

The tragedy seen yesterday in Brasília is the new signal that the popular mobilization is the true enemy of the powerful. The plots to impose an indirectly elected president by this Congress of bootlickers do not represent a possible way out to the country. More than never, it is time to go to the streets and shout: Out with Temer! Directs Now!


Portuguese: https://jornalistaslivres.org/2017/05/temer-declara-guerra-ao-povo/

Spanish: https://jornalistaslivres.org/2017/05/temer-declara-guerra-al-pueblo/



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