Temer declara guerra al pueblo

El gobierno Temer escanó su cara. Con un decreto firmado hace poco, convocó las Fuerzas Armadas para reprimir manifestaciones.  Además de una máquina de corrupción, el usurpador del Planalto (sede del Poder Ejecutivo Federal brasileño) mostró manejar una máquina de guerra en contra el pueblo. Más de cien mil personas se reunieron pacíficamente en Brasília […]

Temer declares war on Brazilian people

Temer’s administration showed his true colors. With a recent decree, signed yesterday, the Brazilian President summoned the military to repress protests. Beyond being the head of a corruption machine, the usurper from the palaces of Brasilia demonstrated also to manage a war machine against his own people. Yesterday, more than one hundred thousand people met […]


The struggle has just begun. The general strike has shown the way: unity in action against the coup d’état. The alternative independent media plays a fundamental role in this environment. About 40 million workers participation; demonstrations in all states of the country and in Brasilia, public transportation, banks and factories stoppage; closed shops; Catholic Church, […]